Window Tinting

Toy Motorsports offers professional automotive window tinting services. We have years of experience tinting cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and more!

Lifetime Warranty on All Tint Films:

Toy Motorsports exclisively uses high quality window tint films. We offer a lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, and fading (turning purple).

All Rear Windows Tinted in One Piece:

Using an advanced dry heat-shrinking method, Toy Motorsports is able to conform the rear window tint to the shape of the vehicle’s rear windshield with a single peice of tint film. This allows for a clean, seamless installation that will look factory.

Color Stable Films:

Have you ever seen a car with purple colored window tint? If so, what you’ve observed is cheap window tint film which has changed colors due to sun exposure. Toy Motorsports exclusively uses color stable window tint films from Madico which will stand up to the toughest conditions, and always hold its original shade & color.

About Window Tint:

Window Tint is one of the most inexpensive and dramatic ways to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Have you ever noticed that most car manufactures tint the windows of their vehicles in their ads? The reason is because of the dramatic, sleek appearance that tinted windows give any vehicle.

Toy Motorsports installs Madico and SunTek Window Tint films, which offer outstanding clarity and durability. Our expert window tint technicians have over 10 years of experience with automotive window tint installations – all rear window films are applied in one piece for optimal appearance. Madico Window Tint films offer 100% UV protection and block over 66% of the sun’s heat.

Did You Know?

Tinted windows provide a greater level of safety in the unfortunate event of an accident. Window Tint film is held onto your auto glass by a thin layer of adhesive. If your glass were to shatter due to impact, the tint film will hold the glass shards together and prevent the glass from harming the driver or passengers in the vehicle.

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