Powdercoating Services

Gloss Black Powdercoated Wheels on a 2012 Range Rover Sport Limted Edition

Powdercoating is a great way to customize the appearance of your vehicle! The most popular items to powdercoat on a vehicle are sets of wheels; however, any metal surface is capable of being powdercoated. Powdercoating provides a strong, durable finish which is up to 10x more durable than wet-painted surfaces. This means that powdercoated parts are much less likely to scratch or chip than painted surfaces. Almost any color is available for the powdercoating process, enabling you to customize your vehicle just the way you’d like it!

How Does Powdercoating Work?

Powdercoating is a multi-step process which begins with cleaning and stripping the parts of any dirt, grease, and oils that may be on it, down to the bare metal of the item. This process is generally achieved through sandblasting or an acid bath. Once the parts have been properly cleaned and dried, a mild electrostatic charge is applied to the parts via a connected electrode. The powdercoat powder is now sprayed onto the parts through a special tool called a corona gun, which gives a slight negative charge to the powder before it is sprayed. Due to the opposite charges of the powder and the metal parts, the powder naturally clings to the metal parts in thin, even coats. Since the powder is applied dry, there is no worry of drips as there is with traditional wet-painting methods. Once the parts have been powder-coated, they are then baked in large industrial ovens at approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As the parts are baked, the thermoset polymer of the powder changes on a molecular level and the particles form molecular bonds with each other to form a single seamless shell over the parts. The result is a strong and durable custom finish.

What Items Can Be Powdercoated?

Any part that is metal can be powdercoated! The most popular items to powdercoat on vehicles are:

  • Wheels
  • Brake Calipers
  • Engine Components

What Colors/Finished are Available?

Almost any color/finish is available! The most popular colors and finishes that we stock are:

  • Gloss Black
  • Matte Black
  • Gunmetal
  • White
  • …and More!
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