Aerodynamic Styling

Looking to enhance the exterior styling of your vehicle? Toy Motorsports sells and installs a wide range of vehicle-specific aerodynamic styling options. Types of styling add-ons we sell include:
[tabname]Body Kits[/tabname]

Body Kits

Body kits are a complete solution to enhancing the exterior styling of your vehicle. Most kits include a replacement front bumper, rear bumper, and pair of sideskirts. Toy Motorsports sells and installs many brands of body kits including: Wald, Lorinser, Kahn, Hamann, Overfinch, and Mansory.


Spoilers either serve the purpose of providing greater traction to the rear wheels on rear-wheel drive vehicles, or are used as an exterior styling enhancement. While most spoilers are attached to the trunk or rear hatch of a vehicle, rear windshield spoilers are popular on many vehicles as well. Spoilers are typically made from either carbon fiber, fiberglass, or ABS plastic. Carbon fiber spoilers are usually installed unpainted, as many people prefer the sporty look of carbon fiber, though they can also be painted and will still serve as a strong and lightweight spoiler solution. Fiberglass and ABS plastic spoilers are typically painted before being installed on a vehicle. Toy Motorsports sells and installs vehicle specific OEM, OEM-Replica and aftermarket spoiler solutions for a wide range of vehicles – inquire about spoiler solutions for your vehicle today!
[tabname]Front Lips[/tabname]

Front Lips

Front lips are a popular way to add aerodynamic styling to the front of a vehicle, without changing the entire front bumper. Common materials for front lips are carbon fiber and fiberglass. Our selection of front lips is vehicle specific to the make, model, year, and trim of your vehicle – inquire about front lip solutions for your vehicle today!
[tabname]Rear Diffusers[/tabname]

Rear Diffusers

A diffuser is a shaped section of a vehicle’s underbody which improves the car’s aerodynamics through a design which improves underbody airflow and reduces drag. In addition to the performance benefits of diffusers, many vehicle owners simply like rear diffusers because of the aggressive look they give to the rear of a vehicle. Our selection of rear diffusers is vehicle specific to the make, model, year, and trim of your vehicle – inquire about rear diffuser solutions for your vehicle today!


Aftermarket grilles are a great way to add styling to your vehicle, check out our aftermarket grilles by clicking here!

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