Suspension Upgrades

BMW M3 with Coilover Suspension

Coilover Suspension Upgrades

Coilover suspension is the most recommended choice in aftermarket suspension systems. Coilover systems are suspension systems with coil springs over a strut. The spring encircles the shock absorber, and the system can be adjusted for various ride heights and stiffnesses. The adjustability is the main reason why most vehicle owners choose coilover suspension upgrades over the alternatives, as this allows them to get the suspension height and ride just the way they like it. Particularly in climates such as New England, the adjustability of these systems is convenient, as many vehicle owners change wheels depending on the season, and may with the raise or lower their suspension seasonally as a result.

Performance & Lowering Spring Upgrades

Performance and lowering springs are the most inexpensive way to lower your vehicle for a more aggressive style (with less wheel gap), and a firmer ride. Lowering springs will reduce your vehicle’s center of gravity, which reduces squatting during acceleration, body roll in corners, and excessive nose-dive during braking. Aside from the performance benefits of these spring upgrades, many vehicle owners use lowering springs to reduce wheel gap, and give their vehicle a sportier style. Performance and lowering springs are a less expensive option than coilover suspension; however, their short fall in comparison is that their ride height and stiffness are not adjustable (like they are with coilover suspension upgrades).

Air Suspension Upgrades

Air suspension systems are the choice of vehicle owners who want on-the-fly adjustability of their suspension. Air suspension systems are powered by an electric or engine driven air driven air pump or compressor, which inflates air bags that use the compressed air as a spring. The result of this setup is a very smooth ride, and a system which is capable of self-leveling. Many vehicle owners choose to upgrade their suspension system to an air ride system for its smooth ride and ease of adjustability. With many air ride systems, raising or lowering the vehicle is as simple is pressing a button inside the vehicle, which will raise or lower the vehicle through inflating or deflating the air bags.

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