Performance Exhaust Systems

Ferrari Testarossa

Performance exhaust systems not only sound great, but they also look great and often provide performance benefits. There are multiple types of performance exhaust systems which are available:

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Cat-back exhaust systems are the most popular exhaust system upgrade. Cat-back exhaust systems replace the exhaust components from the catalytic converter back. They typically include a muffler and a tailpipe, and sometimes include an X-pipe, H-pipe, or Y-pipe. These systems offer low cost exhaust conversions which free up exhaust gas flow – and therefore provide performance increases, along with a more aggressive sound (which varies depending on the system chosen). Since cat-back systems retain the use of the vehicle’s stock catalytic converters, they are typically emissions-legal and will pass vehicle emissions inspections.

Axle-Back Exhaust Systems

Axle-back exhaust systems include all of the exhaust components from the rear axle to the exhaust tip. Although axle-back systems provide less performance gains than cat-back or header-back exhaust systems, they are the least expensive exhaust upgrade option, and can still deliver a more aggressive, performance sounding exhaust note.

Header-Back Exhaust Systems

Header-back exhaust systems replace all exhaust systems components from the header collector back to the tailpipes. Since all of the exhaust components are replaced, the diameter of the entire exhaust system can be replaced, therefore allowing for increased flow of exhaust gas volume. Header-back systems offer the greatest performance gains of the three types of performance exhaust systems; however, due to the amount of parts they include and replace, they are also the most expensive type of performance exhaust upgrade for parts cost and labor to install.

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