Air Intake Upgrades

G37 Intake

Aftermarket air intakes allow for an increase in air flow to your engine. This increased airflow over a restrictive stock air intake system allows for your engine to burn more fuel, which leads to more power. This increase in airflow is achieved through two factors: an upgrade to the air factory filter, and an upgrade to the factory air box. The first step in increasing air flow is to replace your factory paper air filter with a performance air filter, which is made of either cloth or a synthetic material – this will increase airflow without any decrease in filtration ability. In addition to the material of the performance air filter being important – the shape of the replacement filter plays a factor in performance and efficiency as well. Adding a conical air filter allows for a much greater surface area on the air filter, which greatly improves its ability to intake air. The trouble with most factory air boxes is that they don’t have the space or proper mounting connection to simply change the air filter to a conical one – this is where aftermarket air intakes play a role. Aftermarket air intake kits replace the factory air box with a larger, more simplified tubing which includes less restrictive bends than factory air boxes, and a mounting point which allows for the addition of a high-flowing conical air filter.

Short Ram Intake Upgrades

A short ram intake (often abbreviated as SRI) is a short replacement pipe for the factory air box with a filter element. SRI’s are generally open in the engine bay, and therefore do not provide as much of a performance gain as cold air intakes, as the air they intake is warm from being close to the engine. Even though top-end power isn’t as beneficial as with a cold air intake, the short pipe length often allows for better throttle response and low end torque.

Cold Air Intake Upgrades

A cold air intake (often abbreviated as CAI) is the best performing air intake option for a naturally aspirated vehicle. The long piping included on a cold air intake allows the air filter to be mounted outside the engine bay or behind a protective heatshield box – this allows for an intake of colder air which hasn’t been warmed by the engine bay. Taking in cooler air for combustion means an air mixture that’s denser with oxygen molecules for a better burn and ultimately more power.

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