Automotive Strobe Lights and Emergency Lighting

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Strobe lights and emergency lights are a great way to add safety and visibility to commercial and municipal vehicles. Toy Motorsports is your one stop shop for automotive strobe light and emergency light solutions. We offer a wide range of products from strobe and lighting manufacturers such as Whelen, Federal Signal, Code3 and more!

[tabname]Headlight Hide-a-Way[/tabname]

Headlight Hide-a-way strobe lights

Hide-a-way strobe lights are installed in a vehicle’s headlights and/or taillights. These strobe lights allow a hidden installation which is primarily only visible when they are turned on. Due to their headlamp/taillamp mounting locations, they are able to utilize the reflective surrounds of these surfaces and therefore have a large, bright reflection. Hide-a-way strobe lights come in both halogen and LED bulb types. Halogen strobe lights offer the fastest and brightest flashes over LED strobe lights; however, halogen strobe lights consume a great amount of power and generate a large amount of heat – this means that they cannot be

mounted in small plastic housings – due to the likeliness that they will melt the housings when used for extended periods of time. LED hide-a-way strobe lights are the newest advancement in hide-a-way technology. LED hide-a-ways consume a very low amount of power (allowing them to run on a vehicle’s battery for extended periods of time without depleting the battery), and generate a minimal amount of heat. Due to these factors, LED hide-a-ways offer a great range of installation possibilities. LED hide-a-way strobe light bulbs also offer a virtually lifetime bulb life!

[tabname]Roof Mounted[/tabname]

Light Bar (roof mounted) strobe lights

A light bar is a compact and inexpensive way to achieve high visibility. Light bars typically consist of multiple strobe lights integrated into one unit, which offers multiple flash patterns and settings. These are ideal for plow trucks, construction vehicles, municipal vehicles, and more where high visibility is important. Toy Motorsports sells a wide range of light bars from Whelen, Code3, Federal Signal, and more!

Concealed/Hidden Strobe lights

Concealed strobe lights are common on municipal vehicles and in many emergency medical applications. These lights can be installed in a wide range of locations on the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to look like a normal vehicle, until the lights are turned on. These types of lights are especially popular for vehicle owners who use their vehicle for both personal and work uses, where they would like their vehicle to appear like a normal vehicle when off-duty, but to have full emergency functionality when needed when on-duty.


Wig-wags are products installed on law enforcement and emergency vehicles which will flash the vehicle’s factory headlights and/or taillights in a strobe-light pattern. This equipment gives the vehicle more visibility without additional lights having to be installed.

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