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Remote Car Starters
Remote starters enable you to turn your vehicle on or off from the convenience of a remote control, to preheat or cool the vehicle before you enter it. This convenience comes with many benefits, especially in locations with hot or cold weather such as New England. Many remote starter systems include keyless entry features as well, which vary by model. Remote starter installations include both a remote starter brain and remote, as well as an immobilizer bypass module which will allow the vehicle to be remote started without a key being in the ignition. As a safety feature, vehicles cannot be put into drive and driven away until a key is present in the ignition barrel or when a key is within the vehicle for wireless key systems. When installed by Toy Motorsports, a remote starter system will not void you vehicle’s factory warranty. All Toy Motorsports remote starter installations come with a lifetime warranty on the wiring, and all wiring connections are tested and soldered to ensure long term consistent performance.

Toy Motorsports sells a wide range of remote starter systems, such as 1-way systems, 2-way systems, and smartphone systems.

There are three main types of remote starters: one-way remote starters,  two-way remote starters, and smartphone remote starters. Below is an explanation of the features/benefits of each remote starter type:

One-Way Remote Starters

One-way remote starters are the lowest cost remote starter systems available. They operate similarly to how your vehicle’s factory keyless entry remote operates – they send out a 1-way radio frequency which your vehicle listens for to determine when to start the vehicle. When the vehicle starts its parking lights will turn on, showing a visual confirmation to the user that the vehicle has received the command and that the engine is on. Like with a keyless entry system, since the signal is 1-way there is no confirmation on the remote for whether or not the signal was received by the remote starter system in the vehicle. Range with 1-way remote starter systems generally ranges between the range of your vehicle’s factory keyless entry remote to up to 1,200 ft. (depending on the model). For users who would like the remote to give confirmations for whether or not commands were received and if the vehicle has started, they are best suited for 2-way remote starter systems (below).

Two-Way Remote Starters

Two-way Remote Starters offer the same features as One-Way remote starters, but they also include a feedback mechanism that will inform the user if the commands were successful.  This type of system is best suited for users who desire visual and/or audible feedback from their remotes to confirm if their vehicle received remote start commands each time the system is used.  2-Way remote starter remotes include an LED light or LCD display which will indicate the status of the command, and will provide audible tones to confirm the commands as well. In addition to the convenience features of 2-way remote starters, they also have longer range than 1-way systems. 2-way remote starters have a range of between 2,000 ft to 1 mile, depending on the model installed. Because of the longer range and 2-way technology, 2-way remote starter systems are more expensive than 1-way remote starter systems due to the cost of the equipment being more expensive.

Smartphone Remote Starters
(2-Way & Virtually Unlimited Range)

SmartPhone based remote starters are the latest and greatest in remote starter technology. Why? Because the limitations of most traditional remote starter systems stem from the range of the remotes. SmartPhone remote starter systems enable you to remote start your vehicle through the data connection of your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android based smartphone. As long as your vehicle is parked in an area where you would normally receive cell phone service, your vehicle will be capable of being remote started from your cell phone – no matter how far away you are from your vehicle (the range is in fact, virtually unlimited!). SmartPhone remote starter systems are 2-way systems which will confirm whether or not the commands were received by your vehicle, and many of the systems offer GPS tracking, lock/unlock features, and more (features and pricing varies by model). SmartPhone based systems can either be stand-alone (smartphone app controlled only), or include a physical remote (optional). SmartPhone systems can also be added to many existing remote starter systems as an add-on (compatibility varies by model). Due to the cellular-service network which the smartphone modules communicate with, service plans are required for smartphone based usage, starting at $49/year, varying by make/model and features.


Remote starters enable you to pre-heat your vehicle’s engine and warm or cool your vehicle’s interior before entering the vehicle. This is a great advantage especially on cold winter days as well as on hot summer days.

Engine Protection

Warming the vehicle’s engine before the vehicle is driven is a good practice for increasing the longevity of the engine. Idling the car’s engine for a time before it is driven makes the engine oil thinner and lubricates the engine better for once the vehicle starts moving.

Higher resale value

A car equipped with a remote starter will fetch a higher resale value than one without one. This is particularly true in areas that experience severe climate conditions, such as New England. A remote starter can be a very good selling point that will give a car owner leverage and reason to ask for a higher trade-in value from a car dealer.

GPS Tracking (On GPS Equipped SmartPhone Models)

GPS equipped smartphone remote starter models allow you to track your vehicle online. Not only does this provide great security benefits, but it also provides many useful alert features for parents, business owners, and many other users.



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