Laser Jammers

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Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers are your best line of defense against speeding tickets (other than driving the speed limit, of course!). Toy Motorsports sells a wide range of radar detector and laser jammer solutions, for all types of vehicles, and all types of budgets. Both radar and laser speed detection technologies are currently in use by law enforcement in the United States, and it’s important to understand the difference between these technologies and the equipment available for detecting/jamming them when choosing a radar detector and/or laser jammer. Here is some information regarding laser jammers:

Laser/Lidar Technology

Laser (also referred to as Lidar) technology is the newest advancement in law enforcement speed detection. Lidar guns use lasers to determine a vehicle’s speed by the reflection of the laser’s beam off of your vehicle’s surface. Due to the narrow dispersion of laser beams, and the high speed of light, Lidar guns are capable of determining a vehicle’s speed at great distances with incredible precision and near-instant results. Because Lidar guns only emit light for short periods of time and with narrow beams, it’s near impossible to detect Lidar speed traps before your vehicle is individually targeted. Due to the speed and precision of Lidar guns, even if your radar/laser detector detects a laser signal, it’s usually too late to slow down, as your vehicle’s speed has likely already been measured by the Lidar gun – unless you have a Laser Jammer.

Laser Jammer Products

Laser Jammers are completely legal in all but 10 US states (they’re legal in all New England states). Although it is illegal to actively jam a RADAR signal (since the FCC prohibits such actions due to radar being a sound frequency), Laser Signals can legally be jammed (unless a state has made them illegal by law) because they do not emit radio frequencies. Laser Jammers are typically Diode or LED based systems which instantly detect the use of Lidar guns upon being targeted, and emit laser signals back, which prohibit Lidar guns from being able to determine your vehicle’s speed. Laser Jammer systems are composed of 1-2 laser jamming “heads” which are professionally mounted in your vehicle’s grille or on a license plate bracket, and a warning and jamming alert system which is installed in the vehicle’s cabin to alert to Lidar encounters and jamming notifications. Toy Motorsports offers Laser Jammer solutions from K40, Laser Interceptor, Blinder, Escort, Beltronics, and more.

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