Rear Seat Entertainment

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Most of the entertainment products you have in your home are available for your vehicle as well! Toy Motorsports sells and installs a wide range of rear seat entertainment options that are perfect for entertaining rear seat passengers, both children and adults.

Our Most Popular Rear Seat Entertainment Options Include:
[tabname]Headrest TVs[/tabname]

Headrest TV

Our headrest TV systems are custom installed headrest replacements which perfectly match your seat leather and stitching. These headrest replacements include high resolution LCD monitors, and your choice of either built-in DVD players, or iPod/iPhone docks with usb inputs. Video sources from either headrest can be shared with the other monitor, and sound is transmitted to wireless headphones which are included, or through built-in FM Transmitters which allow you to play the audio through your vehicle’s factory speakers through its fm radio tuner. Headrest TV systems are available for all standard headrests, including vehicles with Active Headrest Restraint systems (which are present on many models from BMW, Mercedes, etc).
[tabname]Overhead TV[/tabname]

Overhead TV Systems

Overhead monitors can be mounted to your vehicle’s roof/headliner, providing an overhead display for rear seat passengers. Overhead TV solutions provide a larger screen than most headrest TV systems; however, since there is only one screen, only one video source can be played at one time (all passengers much watch the same source). Our overhead TV systems transmit audio wirelessly to wireless headphones, and also can include a built-in FM transmitter to allow you to play audio though you vehicle’s factory speakers through its fm radio tuner.

iPad Installations

The Apple iPad is a great multi-purpose entertainment device because it can play video, surf the internet, play music, play games, and do many more things! For these reasons, iPads are a great rear seat entertainment device, particularly because they are portable and can be used outside of a vehicle as well. Toy Motorsports sells and installs a variety of iPad mounts, chargers, and integration kits for your vehicle, taking rear seat entertainment to a whole new level!
[tabname]Gaming Systems[/tabname]

Gaming Systems

Your favorite gaming systems such as Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii can all be installed for use within your vehicle! Video can be displayed through either headrest TV systems (described above), overhead TV systems (described above), and in some cases through your vehicle’s factory navigation & entertainment screens. Contact Toy Motorsports to learn how we can integrate your favorite gaming system into your vehicle!
[tabname]Satellite TV[/tabname]

Satellite TV

Did you know that Satellite TV is available for your vehicle? Toy Motorsports sells and installs Tracvision, an automotive satellite TV system which gives you DirecTV satellite service in your vehicle. A Tracvision satellite receiver is installed on our vehicle’s roof, and the service can be watched through either headrest TV systems (described above), overhead TV systems (described above), and in some cases through your vehicle’s factory navigation & entertainment screens. A monthly DirecTV subscription is required for service. Contact Toy Motorsports to learn how we can integrate satellite TV into your vehicle!

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Add a Wi-Fi hotspot to your vehicle to have a wireless internet connection for all passengers in your vehicle. Wi-Fi hotspots are hardwired to your vehicle’s power and operate through wireless data services, giving passengers a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect their laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and any other mobile devices to. Monthly data plans are required and vary by product.

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