Car Alarms

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Car alarms help you avoid vehicle theft, break-ins, and hit-and-run incidents while your vehicle is parked. An alarm system is your first point of protection in any of these instances, and aftermarket alarm systems offer significantly greater protection and many more features than alarm systems which come standard in vehicles form the factory.


Types of Car Alarms:

1-Way Car Alarms

One-way car alarms are the lowest cost car alarms available. They are armed and disarmed similarly to how your vehicle’s factory keyless entry remote operates – they send out a 1-way radio frequency which your vehicle listens for to determine when to arm or disarm the alarm system. When the alarm is armed the system monitors the status of the vehicle’s doors, and also checks for vibrations and impacts through a shock sensor. Additional add-ons  can be added such as a tilt sensors, glass breakage sensors, field disturbance sensors (for convertibles), and more. Since this type of system is 1-way, alarm alerts cannot be sent back to the user’s remote to alert the user when the alarm is triggered. For users who would like to receive alerts on their remotes when their alarms are triggered, they are best suited for 2-way car alarm systems (below).

2-Way Car Alarms

Two-way car alarms provide all of the security features that one way alarms provide, but with the addition of 2-way alerts and signal confirmations. 2-way systems include remotes with either led indicators or lcd diplsays which light up and make audible alerts in the event your car’s alarm is triggered. This provides great security, as it  notifies the vehicle owner of the alarm occurrence so that they can respond to the alert by checking their vehicle. Another great feature of 2-way alarm systems is that the alert tones from the remote tell the vehicle owner whether or not the lock/arm and unlock/disarm commands were received by the vehicle.

Smartphone Car Alarms

Smartphone car alarms are 2-way systems which can be controlled and monitored from an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android based smartphone. These systems offer the first class alert features of 2-way car alarm systems, but add the luxury of unlimited range. When your car alarm is triggered a text message is sent to your smartphone instantly – notifying you of the alert no matter the distance you are away from your vehicle.
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Alarm/Remote Starter Combo Systems

Add a remote starter to your alarm system with an alarm/remote start combo system! Toy Motorsports sells a wide range of alarm/remote starter combos systems which include both the security of an alarm system with the convenience of a remote starter within the same remote and equipment. Please call us at (888) 896-6761 to learn more about alarm/remote starter combo systems available for your particular vehicle.


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