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Bluetooth technology in cell phones and tablets can be used to stream audio or to provide hands-free phone communication in vehicles equipped with the proper bluetooth functionality and features. Through a wide variety of bluetooth products from companies like Parrot, Alpine, JVC, Kenwood, and more, Toy Motorsports can add bluetooth functionality to any vehicle. This includes the many vehicles that are equipped from the factory with bluetooth hands-free features for wireless calling, but lack the ability to stream music via bluetooth. Even in these cases (where the vehicle came equipped with bluetooth), Toy Motorsports has bluetooth integration products which will allow you to have the features you wish your vehicle had originally come with from the factory.

Automotive Bluetooth Applications

[tabname]Hands-Free Calling[/tabname]

Hands-Free Calling

Having a hands-free calling system in your vehicle is the safest way to be on the phone while you’re driving. With nothing to hold, and with audio that will play through your vehicle’s speakers or a hardwired external speaker, having a phone conversation is as safe as having a conversation with a passenger in your vehicle. For this reason, many states now require by law that drivers use a hands-free system when making phone calls while operating a vehicle. While many drivers have at some point tried bluetooth headsets as a make shift solution to this problem, drivers who have used a professionally installed bluetooth system that integrates with their vehicle know that professionally installed systems are the best option available, both for convenience and for comfort. Professionally installed bluetooth products automatically turn on with your vehicle and pair with your phone. When leaving your vehicle, they automatically turn off (but give you the option to remain on if you’re on a call), making the pairing process effortless and effective, your phone never has to leave your pocket, bag , etc.. Professionally installed bluetooth hands-free systems not only enhance safety, but they are a key component in the comfort and overall ownership experience of your vehicle.
[tabname]Wireless Music Streaming[/tabname]

Wireless Music Streaming

Blueooth Music streaming allows you to wirelessly transmit audio from your bluetooth equipped device (mobile phones, tablets, etc) to play through your vehicle’s audio system. This is a great solution for wirelessly streaming Pandora, mp3’s, youtube, and many other smartphone or mobile electronics audio options. A2DP equipped models will also wirelessly transfer song information such as artist, track, album, and more, and many systems are capable of being controlled through the vehicle’s factory radio and steering wheel controls (compatibility varies by vehicle).

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