Aftermarket Parking Sensors

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Ensure you’ll always know when someone or something is behind you when backing up! Vehicle Parking sensors use ultrasonic proximity detectors which are installed in your vehicle’s bumpers. The sensors measure the distance between themselves and low level objects to alert the driver when objects are close. This technology operates through sending ultrasonic sound waves out from its sensors and measuring the time it takes for the sound waves to bounce back to the sensors – this allows them to sense the distance between the sensors and objects.

Parking sensor systems alert the driver to the vehicle’s proximity to objects through audible alerts and visual alerts on particular models. Audible alerts increase in frequency as the vehicle becomes closer to detected objects, and visual alerts are shown through proximity leds which illuminate progressively with changes in proximity as well.

Toy Motorsports sells and installs a wide range of vehicle parking sensor systems which can be installed in any vehicle. A few of the types of parking sensor systems we install include:

OEM-Like Bumper Mounted Systems:

These systems are mounted in the factory bumper(s) and the sensors are painted and color matched to your vehicle’s paint. These are the closest to OEM-like solution available and provide the best fit, finish, and performance of the systems we sell and install.


License Plate Mounted Sensors:

License plate mounted systems provide an inexpensive and removable solution to parking sensors. Although license plate mounted sensors do not provide the same width of coverage as bumper mounted parking sensor systems, they are easier to install and do not require any modifications to the vehicle’s bumper(s).

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