Paint Protection

Paint chips on you vehicle’s front bumper and hood are inevitable if its paint isn’t protected with a paint protection film. Toy Motorsports offers 3M VentureShield Paint Protection films which give your vehicle the paint protection it needs to prevent paint chips. Paint protection films are also commonly referred to as a “clear bra” or “chip guard”, which are all terms for the application of paint protection films such as 3M’s VentureShield.

What will 3M VentureShield Protect Against?

3M’s VentureShield is meant to protect against rock chips, bug acids, and sand abrasion.

Where can 3M VentureShield be Applied?

3M’s VentureShield can be installed on any of as vehicle’s painted surfaces. It can also be installed on a vehicle’s headlamps; however, local laws apply to headlamp application.

What is the best way to clean 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film?

We recommend using soap and water to clean you 3M VentureShield, or Plexus plastic cleaner.

Can 3M VentureShield be Removed?

Yes, 3M VentureShield paint protection films can be removed anytime after it is installed, without damaging the vehicle’s paint (as long as it was applied after the vehicle’s paint has cured).

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